Stockholm Syndrome

Sweden is but one of many Western nations dealing with the grim fallout of decades of terribly destructive policies and attitudes toward immigration and multi-culturalism.

The Great White Nope

In the Great American Multi-Culti push, white males have proven to be the one reliable cultural whipping post, and even more troubling, native-born whites are in sharp demographic decline.

Biology is “Problematic”

The Leftist de-construction project has gone so far out of the realm of observable truth that in their zeal for "true" equality, the world is beginning to look like a kind of "Harrison Bergeron" dystopia. 

First World Caliphate

We are at war for the soul of the West, and if this atrocity at Manchester Arena and the subsequent flood of oh-so-predictable Islamic apologism from the Left hasn't made that clear, you are beyond hope.